Crafting the Perfect Team Name

There’s nothing better than a good team name. You can instantly become a league favorite with a clever, witty, and relevant team name. On the other side of coin, you can also become the league bad guys with a poorly crafted team name. For a refreshed of those ill-advised team names, check out this list of my 5 least favorite SBS team names. Below are a few pitfalls people can fall into and a few tips on how to quickly become the team with the name that everyone is jealous of.

Being-Awesome-team-awesome-30911889-760-760Pitfall 1 –

The first thing most people do is bring up google and type in “funny team name” then the sport. As you can see, the options are massive. Oh CustomInk, a t-shirt company, has some opinions on good team names. Clearly t-shirt companies know a lot about team names, they MUST be an expert. These are times when a “sarcastic font” would be good. From this point forward, anything in italics will be read sarcastically. For example: Our competitor runs really awesome leagues and they seem to care about their members. Everyone good on how that works?

Back to the point, everyone does this short cut of a step and we end up with three teams all named Team Awesome.

Pitfall 2 –

Just picking a word or thing for the sake of having a team name. Look a lot of captains might not strike gold on your first go around for a team name. That’s fine because you can always change it. If you are swamped at work when you’re registering and you put in TBD or Tacos or Who Needs A Team Name, that’s fine for now, but do everyone a favor and run some ideas past your teammates and collectively come up with one.

Pitfall 3 –

Going sexual. With any luck sex and poop jokes will never get old no matter how old we all get. But those type of jokes and references are the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to comedy. If you want a funny team name, make it a clever sex joke or don’t make one at all. An example of a bad sex joke would be: “Big Balls”. An example of a good sex joke would be the Kickball Team “Lickball”.

Tip 1 –

What’s relevant? The World Cup just happened. Suarez bit someone. Neymar broke his back. Brazil got blown out. Plenty to choose from. Simply pick something you like and think for a few minutes or throw it in Google. After a couple of clicks we found “Hungry Hungry Suarez”. Done. Great team name. References the 90’s, references current events, it’s clever, and no one’s probably used it before.

Tip 2 –jorts

Have something that fits the team personality. “Balls Deep” is a tough one to pull off without teams passing judgement on you. Find a name that fits who you all are. If your team name is “Sons of Pitches” then you better live up to that.  “Jesus Hearts Mom Jeans”, great, wear some Mom jeans to play in. The best example would be “The Goblet of Jorts/ Game of Brooms 4: A Feast for Jorts/The Jorts Saga: Breaking Denim/ Life Free or Jort Hard“. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the entire team played every game in Jorts. And it was a Broomball team. Sacrificing comfort for style. Love it.

Tip 3 –

Make the ref laugh. When the referee calls out your team name for whatever reason, it should at least bring a smile to their face.

Have a great idea for a team name? Grab your teammates, choose an SBS sport and start putting your heads together that will make your team a league favorite.

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2 Responses to “ “Crafting the Perfect Team Name”

  1. Andrew says:

    “Big Balls” gets more laughs than “Lickball” every day of the week.